How to Navigate the Chaos by Standing Still


Hi, this is Jennifer and I am here at Seneca Lake. I wanted to give you just a little thought that I came up with tonight and it's actually building on something that I've taught before.

I taught a class a while back about creating ripples by standing still. Basically, I was watching the rocks and the rock wall. And the rock wall was not moving. It was standing solid being what it is.... being its rocky solid self. And the lake was lapping up against it and ripples were going out from it.

You Are Enough

And it made me think that, even when we don't do anything, who we are, being who we are, is really important and we create ripples just by being who we are.

So, then, I was here the other night and we were having a really big wind storm and some rain, but mostly wind. And they were huge waves on the lake (huge for Seneca Lake... maybe a foot tall and maybe two at most).

But anyway, the point is that those huge waves were hitting the rock wall and it was creating...

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